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Customized Audience Segmentations for the Greatest Impact

We match your brands to the right patients using our patented hyper-local audience segmentation system for Micro-Neighborhood® ️targeting.

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COPD Market Research

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Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars

With our Micro-Neighborhood® audience segmentation and targeting we can locate and rank disease and treatment prevalence, as well as a related number of targetable attributes
Our Approach

Brand Safety and Privacy

We keep your brand safe. Our process and data adhere to privacy and regulation requirements.
Our Data Practices

Deliver Media Efficiently with our
Audience Advantage.

Our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting allows you to get as granular as possible while retaining privacy and HIPAA compliance. You can also choose to market individually using our self-identified audiences.

More Granularity = Greater Efficiency

Reach your target audience in the right place at the right time.
Targeting with Traditional Sources
Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting with Medicx Media

Reduce waste by connecting your brand with the right audience. Get an advantage with our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting capabilities and our one-to-one permissioned audiences.
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Pioneering data-driven match making between health brands and their best customers.

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Brand Safety
Brand Safety

Designed for Targeting, Engineered to PerformTM

We’ve pioneered unparalleled data-driven media and marketing solutions optimized for pharmaceutical, OTC, health, wellness, consumer packaged goods and personal care brands.
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