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With a combination of world-class solutions driven by class-defining technologies, we enable you to connect your customer journey with your omnichannel engaged experience - all without cookies. Trusted by over 60 pharmaceutical manufacturers, 154 brands, and over 35 world-class media agencies, Medicx has the media, digital marketing, and pharmaceutical domain expertise to support your entire brand campaign lifecycle.

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Audience quality impacted by noise? Get better results with better measurement.

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We combine world-class solutions with class-defining technologies to transform insights into brand impact. 

So, how can we help you?

Plan it with Audience Designer

With one integrated data asset you can better understand your patients and HCP's to drive planning, execution, and measurement. By combining medical & prescription claims data, and consumer variables – including social determinants of health - for over 240 million U.S. adults Medicx takes the guesswork out of finding customers.

Audience (HCP/Consumer) Profiling • Segmentation • Micro-Neighborhood® Audiences • Predictive & Deterministic Audiences • Campaign Recommendations • DE&I

Omnichannel Activation

Now that you know your audience preferences and where they are with greater certainty, you can execute your highly targeted campaign with stronger engagement along the patient journey. Message customers with relevancy and timeliness on finely tuned digital touchpoints.

Medicx Media Activation • Managed Service + Real Time Campaign Feedback • Identity Resolution with Tagging


Understand the who, what and why behind campaign performance including audience quality, AB test vs control analysis, ROI measurement, customer characteristics for those who responded vs those who did not, which channels and partners/publishers had more conversions, and time & frequency of exposure resulting in conversions.

Audience Quality • Lift Analysis • Test vs Control Conversion • Cross Channel Attribution/Drivers • Media Marketing Mix
Our Technologies

Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting

Your promotional efforts and results are only as good as your audience quality. Medicx helps you plan by targeting hyperlocal areas using our patented Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting technology while maintaining patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. Pinpoint device-level accuracy on location combined with real-word medical evidence drives unparalleled audience quality.

• Managed Services Medicx manages all aspects of your programmatic investment, from audience creation to execution to reporting & optimization.
Medicx Audience Access Medicx develops custom audiences for use on your media buying platform.
DE&I Programs Plan and optimize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives.

ID Resolution (MX#) Evolved™

MX# leverages medical and prescription claims that takes audience quality to the next level. This patent-pending technology creates unique identifiers at the household level, which are then aggregated among over 35 million hyperlocal areas in our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting platform.

Adapt to a cookieless world equipped with a solution that helps you achieve better audience match rates and higher ROI, all while remaining in compliance with the strictest of state and federal privacy laws and regulations.

Narrow enough to ensure precision for omnichannel campaigns. • Designed to deliver audience quality at scale. • Developed in a way that maintains patient privacy.