Online Advertising requires the right audience and the right information in the right context. We handle that.

To make your digital ad campaign effective, the right audience, relevant and engaging content, and campaign optimization must align.


The Right Audience

We provide the right audience to enable the most efficient targeting on trusted sites that are verified for viewability and optimized for placements. We are the only digital health audience and media provider matching purchase-based health attributes to your approved premium health, Top 250, and RTB content sites.

Traditionally, ad campaigns have relied solely on contextual placements. With Medicx Media Solutions, you can now increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with our non-cookie and geo-cookie targeting technologies to match to your patient audience in conjunction with traditional, contextual-placement methods.

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The Right Content

Make sure your message and call to action are seen in the right place, at the right time and with the right content. This is how you trigger optimal engagement and gain conversions.

To be relevant and engaging to this targeted audience remember two important ingredients: ad location and call to action. Your ad’s effectiveness depends upon the relevancy of its location to site that it is displayed on and the type of call-to-action.


The Right Optimization

Maximize your audience engagement and budget with our proprietary learning algorithms that span all digital platforms.

Effective campaign optimization is both art and science. At Medicx Media Solutions, we optimize campaigns with our proprietary audience data, our unique learning algorithms and our experienced traders. Through our digital media network, we enable your campaign to reach consumers via desktop, tablet, mobile and social display using static, flash, rich-media and video ads.

Our data-driven, systematic platform helps advertisers maximize transparency,
revenues, eliminate unwanted ads and save resources.

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