One-on-One with Medicx Sales Leader Mark McCarthy

The seasoned sales chief shares his outlook on solution-based selling, data’s power to drive better health outcomes, and his humble, hungry, and people-smart sales team.

Q: You’ve spent your entire career working in or around healthcare.  What is it about the vertical that keeps you engaged and coming back for more?

Mark McCarthy: I’ve learned it’s essential to find your “why”—the reason you do the work that you do. Advances in healthcare, through science and technology, have helped deliver medicines, sometimes even miracles, that are changing our lives for the better. It’s extraordinary to be a part of that. That is a big part of my motivation.

Healthcare in the U.S. has experienced so much change over the years. Where there is change, there is opportunity. From the Affordable Care Act to exciting new developments in technology, it is all driving the industry to deliver better tools for consumers. Over the past 16 years of my career, the industry has moved from digital as a fun hobby for brands to today as a critical part of any pharma company’s commercial strategy. So, it is a great time to be in healthcare and to be at Medicx because we are on the leading edge with our data insights and targeting capabilities.

Q: Since joining Medicx, you have been instrumental in evolving the sales team’s approach to focus on solution-based selling. Why is this approach better for our clients?

MMc: A solution-based approach elevates the conversation and focuses on the critical value that Medicx delivers. We work to align with our clients and their business objectives. By doing this, we become a trusted advisor and build a long-term, collaborative relationship in which we impact the KPIs that are important to them and help drive their success.  

Q: As you have expanded the sales team over the past year, you have focused on hiring people who are, as we say at Medicx, humble, hungry, and people-smart. Tell me about the thinking behind the shift and what the new approach has brought to the company.

MMc: This change comes from the simple but powerful framework laid out in the book The Ideal Team Player that our general manager, Eric Trepanier, introduced to the company last year. Using the book’s principles in everything from our hiring process and performance reviews to the way we interact with one another has been transformational for the company.

People who display the qualities of an ideal team player have a high EQ, or emotional intelligence, and are highly collaborative. Those same people are willing to experiment, and they see missteps as learning opportunities. The shift helped us assemble a team that works well together, communicates well, and learns from, and with, each other. 

Q: What are you most looking forward to professionally in 2020?

MMc: Healthcare is an incredibly dynamic space in which to work. I’m excited about the continued evolution in the industry and the drive toward even smarter ways to use data. There are amazing opportunities to drive better and smarter health outcomes. It’s great to be at Medicx, where we are right smack in the middle of that progress and innovation.

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