MODI Media and Medicx Media Solutions Help Pharma, Health and Wellness Brands Address Relevant Ads to TV Viewers

Precise and Privacy Compliant Segmentation and Insights Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency of TV Campaigns

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Medicx Media Solutions, a credible source for pharmaceutical and health data and MODI Media, have partnered to expand advanced TV advertising capabilities for pharmaceutical and OTC drug and health clients. A privacy safe Micro-Neighborhood Targeting™ system will precisely reach small groups of consumers within a neighborhood or household with relevant messages across TV distributors who've enabled addressability on their networks.

"The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries require a privacy compliant way to precisely and efficiently deliver relevant messaging to consumers watching television, and this partnership does that at scale," said Michael Weintraub, CEO of Medicx Media Solutions. "Advanced, addressable TV advertising is another step forward in our commitment to building a true omni-channel addressable audience platform uniquely designed to comply with the regulatory and privacy requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries."

"Our work with Medicx to deepen our addressable television offering will accountably drive meaningful business results for our pharmaceutical and OTC drug and healthcare clients," said Jamie Power, managing partner at MODI Media. "Data and technology have transformed the way consumers enjoy television and the way brands can connect with their audiences. Working with Medicx data, we are able to address ads to high-value households across multiple screens, and deliver quality performance metrics on the back end."

By leveraging Medicx's data, MODI has already helped clients with highly effective campaigns. Data granularity, audience segmentation capabilities, and transparency (crucial given restrictions for use of health-related data in marketing campaigns) were key factors in MODI Media's selection of Medicx as a data partner.

Medicx Media Solutions Micro-Neighborhood Targeting™ platform is the only HIPAA certified audience platform of its kind for targeted advertising. Medicx provides its clients with the greatest ability to reach an anonymized and aggregated audience segments across U.S. neighborhoods via data-driven ad campaigns. Now agencies, like MODI, and brands can activate Medicx audience data across an expanded ecosystem that includes TV partners representing nearly 45M addressable homes and over 100M individuals.

About Medicx Media Solutions
Medicx Media Solutions is a pioneer in addressable media powered by a connected system of programmatic ad technologies, automated predictive analytical tools, proprietary patient data, domain expertise, and activation enabled by a Micro-Neighborhood Targeting™ platform built to provide more efficient targeting of patients cross channel and cross device like PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Medicx works closely in partnership with clients to provide strategic insight into audience needs and media consumption by converting anonymized and aggregated patient data into an addressable platform creating valuable insight to inform and strengthen a client's media strategies and to help clients connect brands to patients and patients to brands. Leveraging addressable audience data to build audience engagement is at the core of Medicx ethos. To deliver true value, media communications must be built upon robust audience understanding that is derived from the addressable audience data.

About MODI Media
MODI Media is GroupM's advanced television arm which amplifies the effectiveness of TV for clients with addressable TV, hyper-local TV and interactive/OTT TV campaigns. MODI leverages data and technology to advance audience targeting, which deepens consumer engagement and improves return on investment. MODI helps clients innovate on TV and maximize learning based on accountable, data-driven campaign results.