Medicx Resets the Standard for Efficiency in Healthcare Addressable TV Advertising with Unprecedented Audience Quality Guarantee

Condition Prevalence Index Guarantees Patient Audience Composition for Brands Down to the Micro-Neighborhood®

NEW YORK, NY – July 17, 2018 - Medicx Media Solutions, a data-driven addressable marketing technology platform for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, today announced the launch of the Condition Prevalence Index (CPI) timed to run in conjunction with the company’s first-ever advertiser Pharmafront.

CPI flips the script on the traditional TV buying model to give pharmaceutical brands and healthcare companies a never-before-available impression delivery guarantee within select diagnosis areas such as diabetes, respiratory ailments, and psoriasis, as well as access to viewing consumption research related to their broadcast TV investment.

Historically, healthcare and pharmaceutical brands participating in the broadcast upfronts garner many benefits for committing investment months in advance but only against pre-determined gender/age buying demos, which are used as proxies to reach condition-specific viewers. The benefits of instead substantiating an addressable TV schedule based on a CPI guarantee are twofold: 1) an agnostic approach to program/network/daypart alignment and 2) hyper-local                          Micro-Neighborhood® targeting vs. National/DMA buying. The powerful combination of the all-new CPI and Medicx’s patent-pending Micro-Neighborhood® targeting technology delivers an unprecedented level of value for a brand’s broadcast dollars.

“Traditionally, healthcare and pharmaceutical brands have taken a ‘top-down approach’ to TV investment,” said Michael Joachim, senior vice president of strategy, growth & innovation at Medicx. “This required a fundamental reliance on syndicated research on viewership data which is highly inaccurate as it comprises relatively small sample sizes. What a diabetic in downtown Phoenix watches at 8:00 pm on a Tuesday may be entirely different from what a diabetic in SoHo is watching at the same time. The real problem is traditional advertising assumed both groups of people were watching a certain show based on the age and gender composition. In reality, with media fragmentation and viewership options continuing to accelerate, the ability to target patients based on preconceived notions is not an ideal model for the healthcare and pharma categories. The condition prevalence rates lead to inefficient ad investment. CPI is the metric needed to increase audience quality exponentially.”

Micro-Neighborhoods® consist of ZIP+4 Code areas that provide a much more accurate and granular view of what a brand’s potential client is viewing, when they are viewing it, and which ailments are most prevalent within those                              Micro-Neighborhoods®.

Based on Medicx’s proprietary HIPAA-certified privacy-by-design approach, the CPI is HIPAA-compliant and does not divulge any personally identifiable information (PII). The index currently works with linear addressable TV, cable, and satellite, with plans to expand to Connected TV and all other screens in the near future.

About Medicx
Medicx is the preeminent data-driven addressable marketing technology platform disrupting advertising for pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries. Through a patent-pending analytical and HIPAA-certified Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach, Medicx creates highly targeted marketing and media campaigns. Medicx tracks 35M+ Micro-Neighborhoods®, encompassing 240M+ adult patients and practitioners. The result is an unprecedented way to find and engage with the right audiences across multiple platforms and channels.