Brand Safety

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

Our digital, direct and performance-based marketing solutions are in full compliance with federal and industry privacy regulations. We provide valuable customer data with the right level of transparency, choice and accountability:

Patient and Consumer Privacy is Our Biggest Priority

The security of patient and consumer information is of paramount concern to Medicx Media Solutions and the requirements of HIPAA regarding patient privacy only add to this emphasis on security. That's why our Micro-Neighborhood® data and information has been certified by outside statistician's expert in HIPAA regulations as HIPAA compliant prior to being delivered to us.

Everyone at Medicx Media Solutions is committed to ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by our data suppliers and other stakeholders. We take a managed approach to security to ensure data protection throughout the entire life cycle from creation, transformation and use to storage and destruction.
As a further testament to our focus on information security, Medicx Media Solutions complies with laws and industry self regulatory guidelines and codes of organizations as well as Section 5 of the FTC guidelines relating to online privacy. In addition, we do not use, store nor do we accept any patient identifiable data from any of our data sources.

Brand Safety

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