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Q&A Series: One-on-One With Medicx VP of Performance Analytics

November 2019 - From the value of audience quality and the focus on measurability to award-winning chili and 90s music, we learn what’s on this Medicx executive’s mind...[more]

8 Questions to Ask Your Life Sciences Audience Data Partner

November 2019 - As marketers continue to shift their focus to finding the ideal audience regardless of platform, the quality and precision of the audience data powering campaigns are becoming more and more critical to success...[more]

7 Reasons to Up Your Addressable Advertising Game

October 2019 - Whether you have tested addressable TV, or you’re still sitting on the sidelines, growth projections show that it’s time to take addressability seriously...[more]

Q&A Series: One-On-One With Medicx Sales Leader Mark McCarthy

October 2019 - The seasoned sales chief shares his outlook on solution-based selling, data’s power to drive better health outcomes, and his humble, hungry, and people-smart sales team...[more]

Your Guide to Smart Year-End Media Spending

September 2019 - As fourth-quarter approaches, your brand may find itself with money to spend before the end of the calendar year. At the same time, many media costs rise during this period of time...[more]

Q&A Series: One-on-One with Medicx GM Dr. Eric Trepanier

September 2019 - The Medicx executive discusses the new Medicx team and culture, his bullish outlook for 2020, and the fate of the lemurs of Madagascar... [more]

Medicx Viewpoint: Navigating the Changing Reality of Privacy Legislation

September 2019 - With the first anniversary of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective date in the rearview mirror, legislative ripples continue to move across the US in the form of new state privacy laws with wide-reaching implications for healthcare and pharma marketers... [more]

Q&A Series: One-on-One with Medicx CEO Michael Weintraub

July 2019 - We sat for a wide-ranging interview with Medicx founder, CEO and president Michael Weintraub to discuss his career experiences with health data monetization, the right time to bet on your talents, and life lessons he has learned from his commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle using high-intensity interval training (HIIT)... [more]