It starts with our unique method of building audiences

More often than not, marketing and media campaigns either speak to the wrong audience or speak to them at the wrong time. The advantage Medicx Media Solutions offers is avoiding waste by directly connecting your brand with an evidence-based audience that is both diagnosed and treating.



Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting

Our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting and audience segmentation solutions encompass over 100 million patients across the U.S. that can inform and enable your campaigns to be highly customizable and efficient, all the while retaining audience anonymity.


Reach Your Audience Where They Are

Ensure your message reaches your audience wherever they go. Medicx Media Solutions offers cross-channel solutions to deliver your creative to your audience across all devices.


Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

With our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting and audience segmentation we can locate and identify disease and treatment prevalence, as well as a related number of targetable attributes.


Targeting with
Traditional Sources


Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting
with Medicx Media


Our Solutions

Online Advertising

Our industry leading managed service platform delivers powerful returns for your online advertising campaigns. We enable our services using our unique data driven programmatic stack powered by our patent pending Micro-Neighborhood® audience segmentation and targeting data that speaks to your target audience at the right time and in the right context.

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Addressable TV

We offer advertisers Micro-Neighborhood® audience targeting solution for addressable television. As data and technology are driving enormous change in the structure and economics of television, Medicx Media services include:

  • Addressable TV:the ability to send a specific commercial to one household and not another.
  • Hyper-Local TV:the ability to insert a television commercial directly to a specific ZIP code through set-top boxes.
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Direct Marketing

Maximize your investment and zero in on your best audience prospects with our first party self-identified opt-in audiences. These audiences have been shown to outperform when deployed in a one – to one strategy such as email or direct mail.

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Lead Generation

Reach your audience when and where they’re ready to act on our Healthy Offers Marketplace platform. Our pay-for-performance direct response campaigns deliver ready-to-act leads.

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Brand Safety

We keep your brand in good standing.

We make sure your brand’s campaigns are in full compliance with federal and industry privacy regulations

  • Exclude objectionable content characteristics (alcohol, politics)
  • Exclude sites as needed
  • Ensure competitive separation
  • Utilize 3rd party verification tools, i.e. Double Verify, Trust Metrics, ComScore, and Integral Ad Science
  • Adhere to IAB privacy standards and is an active IAB Member
  • Adhere to AdChoice guidelines
  • Adhere to DMA privacy standards and is an active DMA Member
  • Adhere to FTC guidelines and CAN-SPAM compliant
  • HIPAA-certified for Micro-Neighborhood® targeted advertising
  • Registered with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising

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