With nearly 10 years of industry innovation and significant marketing and media success, we have pioneered unparalleled data-driven media and marketing solutions optimized for pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, health, wellness, consumer packaged goods and personal care brands.

Our Leadership

Michael Weintraub

Founder, President & CEO

Besides Michael’s passion for pushing the envelope while building and running Medicx, he loves spending time with his family and his three dogs. Michael also devotes an equal amount of time to his other passion, living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Prior to starting Medicx Media Solutions, Michael was Executive Vice President and GM for Wolters Kluwer Health (formerly NDCHealth and now Symphony Health).

He served in numerous roles at NDCHealth from Executive Vice President of Sales for the Information Management Solutions unit, to the architect, creator and General Manager for NDC's Retail Pharmacy Informatics group. Michael is recognized as a leader in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry's application of anonymous patient level data for sales compensation, targeting, marketing, and media insights and activation. Michael studied Pharmaceutical Marketing at Dartmouth under the Pharmaceutical Ad Council’s curriculum, received his B.S. in Pharmacy from University of Arizona, and served as an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy in his earlier years.

Michael Joachim

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Growth & Innovation

Michael Joachim is a seasoned media industry executive utilizing his cross-channel strategic planning knowledge as Senior Vice President of Growth & Innovation in support of pharma and health brand clients for Medicx Media Solutions. He is an experienced media and advertising industry veteran whose early knowledge was developed on the ad agency, media planning, and buying side of the business.

Prior to joining Medicx Media Solutions, Michael led a Starcom media team of 20+ individuals delivering a cross-divisional media strategy and digital investment approach for Samsung US operating divisions resulting in 100% account growth in two years. And, Michael was instrumental in creating the first truly hybrid media strategy and digital team at Mediaedge in support of Novartis’s US operating divisions resulting in a more seamless workflow for all brand clients.

In addition to tirelessly working in support of Medicx' clients, Michael is a supportive husband to his wife, Annie and a caring dad and personal chef to his two young daughters, Charlotte and Piper.

Michael also enjoys cooking, organic farming, kick boxing and traveling.

Alex DeSanctis

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing Strategy

Alex DeSanctis is not only an accomplished sales and marketing executive but a strategist, mentor, leader, and active professional in the media and advertising technology industries. Currently, Alex serves as SVP of Sales at Medicx, where he leads the sales team and works with the company's largest clients and agencies. Prior to joining Medicx, Alex was VP of Sales for Outcome Health, where he led their global pharmaceutical advertising business.

Holding media, advertising, and leadership roles for the past 13 years, Alex began his passion for creating digital platforms, guiding sales organizations with a customer-focus, and leading brand advertising when he worked at Time Inc. As VP of Sales and Marketing, he most recently helped lead the company’s transformation from a brand-centric sales organization to allowing customers to buy targeted audiences at scale.

Earlier in his career, he served as VP, Associate Publisher of Food & Wine, and National Advertising Director for both This Old House Ventures and Women’s Health. At Time Inc., he launched the company’s first Spanish language television show and millennial-targeted websites. His innovative and creative skills, along with his ability to communicate with a diversified customer base, provides Alex with the ability to effectively lead multi-platform brands.

Denise Esakoff

Senior Vice President, Account Services, Research & Performance Analytics

Whether indulging in outdoor activity with family, or drilling down on the latest data and research to satisfy her curiosity, Denise Esakoff is constantly in motion.  The only time she stops is for shavasana at the local yoga studio.  For the past 15+ years Denise has focused on marketing strategy and advertising/promotion effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry.  Honing in on key insights to power action, results and outcomes is her passion, and, being a data geek at heart, she loves the challenge of piecing together the path using disparate sources of data.

As a strategic analytic consultant she has measured hundreds of promotional efforts, helping optimize campaigns directed to both HCPs and consumers that spanned multiple communication channels and many therapeutic areas.  As a pharma brand manager Denise launched award-winning TV and digital campaigns that shifted growth and accelerated launch for different brands.

Prior to joining Medicx, Denise led insights, performance analytics and account services teams at different endemic health sites.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Rutgers University.  Her undergraduate degree, also from Rutgers, included both economics and computer science.

Frank Hicks

Senior Vice President, Products & Media Operations

Aside from smoking cigars, traveling the world and spending a worrisome amount of time with Murphy (his golden retriever), Frank has spent more than 30 years designing, developing and deploying best-in-class operations across a variety of industries. After serving with the U.S. Naval Security Group and completing his education in aeronautical science, he started directing airline operations: Altair Airlines and Midway Airlines. In 1991, Frank joined United Technologies Corporation to lead their Global Corporate Services Program. He joined Carlson Companies in 1994, where he led their travel division.

Upon completion of the Executive MBA Program at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, Frank co-founded Yatra Corporation, a development company for patented analytic applications. In 2005, Frank led Wolters Kluwer Health's (formerly NDCHealth) business and technology transformation program. Prior to joining Medicx Media Solutions, Frank was Managing Partner with VISTX, Inc.

Bob Campbell

Chief Financial Officer

Bob has spent his entire career focused on accounting and financial management. Prior to joining Medicx Media Solutions in 2015 as the CFO overseeing financial and human resource related activities, Bob was the Controller for Symphony Health Solutions, where he directed many the company’s financial activities as well as elements associated with the divestiture from Wolters Kluwer Health. Bob has also held financial management positions with Medaire Inc., Wolters Kluwer Health and Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Kennesaw State University and a Master of Business Administration from Western International University.

Noel Webb

Vice President, Digital Media & Targeting Solutions

When not chasing down a busy toddler or planning his next culinary adventure, Noel is running all aspects of campaign strategy and ad operations for Medicx Media. With over 15 years of experience in digital ad tech, Noel's experience spans account leadership, advanced client solutions, product and technical project management and partner development. He has worked both client-facing roles, from C-level strategic planning to tactical day to day operations, and behind the scenes, getting his hands dirty with product, support and development teams.

Prior to Medicx Media Solutions, Noel directed platform solutions for enterprise clients such as Verizon at AOL, leading their display and video campaigns while managing their audience and attribution profiles. Before that, he built out the demand-side technical account management team at Rubicon Project, managed the then-nascent OVP business models for clients at Kit Digital, and curated all of the workflow and information systems across several key properties at IAC, among other things. Noel is an Indiana University alum, an avid technologist, and can hold his own at any karaoke bar.

Beth Valencia

Vice President, Business Operations, Privacy & Compliance

Beth Valencia brings more than a decade of experience in compliance, data governance and product integration to the vital role of Vice President of Business Operations, Privacy & Compliance. She previously served as Senior Director of Data Governance and Compliance at Symphony Health Solutions, where she led the interpretation and education of data supplier and regulatory compliance requirements throughout the organization. In addition, Beth held Quality Assurance Management, Practice Consulting and Senior Account Management positions at Wolters Kluwer Health.

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